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6 Enterprises invested more than 1 Billion Yuan in Da Mei Fo Tang Cheng Project at Introduction and Marketing Event

Reading amount: 3767 release date: 2016-07-15

An 27th, by the support of Shaanxi Federations of Industry & Commerce, Famen Temple “Da Mei Fo Tang Cheng” introduction and marketing event hosted at Shaanxi Land engineering construction group. Yueju Feng, Shaanxi CPPCC vice-chairman, Jincai Xi, Mayor of baoji, Wei yu, deputy Communist Party Secretary of Shaanxi State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration commission, and other more than 30 enterprise representatives attended this event.


On the event, Jichang Han thegeneral manager of group introduced this “Da Mei Fo Tang Cheng” project, and hope all circles joint into the construction of this project. He said, our group will grasp the opportunity of “The Belt and Road” Adhering to the idea of “Help investor, support investor, consider investor, serve investor”, constantly optimize investment climate and improve service to make contribution for the economic development of Shaanxi. Yusong Zhou, the party secretary of Fufeng County, said Da Mei Fo Tang Cheng project is very important to local tourist industry, local government will fully cooperate with Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group to ensure this project built on time.


On the event, Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group signed starred hotel investment agreement with Hong Kong Hao Sheng Group, Baoji Yucai Glasses Group, Shanxi Hong Zheng industry LLC, Shaanxi Zilong real estate LLC, Shaanxi Jujia Building Decoration Project LLC, and Xi’an Sansen Landscape LLC, total investment over 1 billion Yuan including one 4 star hotel, eight 3 star hotels. There are another 2 companies willing negotiated with us about more details.

After signing ceremony, Jianjun Li, the vice-chairman of Shaanxi Association of industry and commerce made address and point out this project is a highlight of construction of the belt and the road, a great opportunity for promote transformation of private enterprise, and an important platform for explore the way of mixed ownership economy. He wish private enterprise grasp this opportunity join the construction of this project. Shaanxi Assocaition of industry and commerce will wholeheartedly support every one and create fine environment.


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Under the background of Shaanxi accelerate the development of the Silk Road economic belt new starting point and developtourist cultural industry, on Dec 16th, 2015, Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group signed <Da Mei Fo Tang Cheng Investment agreement> with Fufeng County government. This project is located Fufeng County, south of Famen temple scenic region, total investment will be 8 billion Yuan, total area will be 2100 Mu, construction including 108 hot pool, 10 starred hotels, a business street, a Buddha culture theme park and so on. This project aimed to create a Buddha culture with hot spring, tea and health experience comprehensive real estate project.