Ministry of Land and Resources Key Laboratory of Degraded and Unutilized Land Reclamation Engineering

Reading amount: 3938 release date: 2016-07-15


The laboratory is located in Chan-Ba ecological district of Xi’an and owns several buildings such as research building, comprehensive building, academic hall, academic exchange center, postdoctoral scientific research stations, staff apartment, cafeteria and other public facilities, which will put into use in August, 2016 and aims to becoming the national key laboratory or engineering research center in the near future by founding MIT ILP(Global) Innovation Forum in Xi’an. The next term of construction will be held in September,2016.

As one of the key laboratories of Ministry of Land and Resources, it provides scientific and technological support for national land reclamation, desertification control, and other unutilized land reclamation engineering, as well as for the fulfillment of scientific mission of the Group.